Here be the disclaimer, privacy and other policies, and communication preferences. Consider ye warned but good, matey.

This Site is Opinion

Generally, opinion in its purest form, which is to say, mine. Anything said herein does not imply that my employer, if any, holds these same opinions. Anything said herein does not imply that anyone in this world agrees with me, that they should agree with me, or that I am proselytizing for them to agree with me. Substitute “you” for “them” in this sentence if it makes this feel more relevant to you.

Charles Barkley once said “I am not a role model.” Well, Charles Barkley, was, and remains, an idiot. Of course he was a role model. He was a public figure idolized by thousands upon thousands of youths. Simply because he’s too cowardly to shoulder the responsibility does not negate the fact that he was, and maybe remains, a role model.

I, on the other hand, truly am not a role model. We can all be thankful for that.

Privacy Policy

I don’t take any personal information here. I don’t want any. I don’t even write cookies (outside of those WP itself writes) because I believe a good site design obviates their need. Well, that and I’m not doing shopping cart stuff.

I don’t know who you are. I don’t want to know who you are. Trust me, it’s better this way. Regardless, if I ever take any personal information somehow, I will not use it. I will not sell it. I will not divulge it. And the FBI with their sneak-n-peeks can try all they want, but even they would be hard-pressed to get anything outta these servers. I simply don’t keep the data (it helps when you don’t ask for it). Does that cover it sufficiently? Good.

IP Rights, et. al.

Any products, corporate entities, or space aliens and their associated tradename, service mark, or other identifying pieces of marketing property that are used, referred to, mentioned, hinted at, or abused herein belong to and are the property of their respective legal trademark/copyright holders.

Sure, the copyright system is intellectually bankrupt and hopelessly outdated, but it’s the world we live in. I don’t want to steal from anyone, but I also believe that the public good is best served by a varied and vibrant commons. I encourage each and every one of you to write something, sometime, and submit it to the public and release it under the Open Publication License. We can build a egalitarian borderless future y’all.

Use Encryption, fergawdsakes

OK, if you are going to mail me you should either encrypt the message with my public key or at least sign it. Carnivore is violating you or your fellow citizens 4th Amendment rights daily. One way to stop this is to increase the level of encrypted traffic across the net. I don’t care if you are asking me how my petunias are growing this season, encrypt the question (and use GPG (yes, I repeated the link on purpose), it’s patent-free. PGP’s good, too. )