Jun 28

Pentagon now says homosexuality is NOT a mental illness

Pentagon reverses on listing of homosexuality as mental illness

In response to the discovery that the Department of Defense had classified homosexuality as a mental illness, the Pentagon has released a statement changing the designation

My guess is that someone pointed out to them that if homosexuality is a mental illness, then soldiers discharged for being homosexual would get disability pay. Or people could call in sick for feeling too gay (“Sorry, can’t come in. I’m a bit under the gay this morning.”)… And that situation was simply unacceptable for the Rumsfeldians.

The military’s whole policy regarding homosexuals is still ridiculous and ignorant, but this is a small step in the right direction.

Jun 28

Another nail in the Obama presidential coffin

Look, dude, if you think the Dems don’t court evangelicals enough … then court them.

If, on the other hand, you want to buy into the false rightwing spin that Democrats disparage religion and promote said falsehood to somehow “distance” yourself from it at the expense of your fellow Dems, then you need to reassess your goals and statements. You’re not doing yourself any good and you’re certainly not doing the party any good. There is an active and vibrant religious left and this Clintonian ditch-the-progressives gets you where, precisely? Another failed campaign? An even weaker party?

It’s a shame to see what used to be considered such a great potential national politician devolve into this typical beltway empty suit.

Dems are not anti-religion any more than Republicans are anti-big government. Quit carrying water for the GOP, Obama.

As for your presidential ambitions… if you are not going to stand with the progressives – otherwise known as “the whiteys who will vote for you”[fn1] and whom you need in order to have a shot at the big chair with the red phone[fn2] – then why should they stand with you?

[fn1] Known alternatively, as the people who do not use the social construct known as race to determine who they will and will not vote for. Many “progressives” are nonwhite, and this statement should not be construed as any sort of representation that social groups divided by racial classification vote as a singular entity.

[fn2] The progressives are a necessary but insufficient condition for an Obama presidency

Jun 28

Nice mayor you got there

‘twould be a shame to lose him. The Smoking Gun has the Complaint.

A Tennessee mayor spewed racial slurs, attempted to set up foes for arrest, and tried to boost his town’s traffic ticket revenue by specifically profiling soldiers and Hispanics, according to a lawsuit seeking the politician’s ouster from office.

In a complaint filed yesterday in Robertson County Chancery Court, the State of Tennessee portrays Coopertown Mayor Danny Crosby as a boorish nutcase who has soiled the reputation of the 3176-resident city, which is located about 25 miles north of Nashville.

The state lawsuit, an excerpt of which you’ll find below, includes an array of shocking charges, including the claim that, after swearing in a new police officer on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the mayor congratulated the cop by saying, “Happy James Earl Ray Day.” Crosby, pictured above, also allegedly sought to boost his city’s revenue by setting up speed traps and directing police to “engage in profiling soldiers of the United States Armed Services” since he believed that enlisted persons “would tend to mail in their fines rather to come to Court to contest the Citations.” Crosby also thought Hispanics, who were “mostly illegal anyway,” would also avoid court, the complaint charges. As such, Crosby encouraged giving multiple citations to Hispanics, remarking, “We can give them all the tickets we want.” Crosby was elected mayor in November 2004.

Now that is a mayor! Where are the Boss Hog jackets? Tennessee rocks… doesn’t it, BoonDoggle.

Jun 28

Now there’s a man of integrity

NASA engineer quits over needless mission… but the domestic policy-driven Busheviks say the show must go on!

A 30-year NASA veteran and one of the agency’s top shuttle engineers has reportedly angrily resigned only five days before Saturday’s Discovery launch.

Charlie Camarda had been director of engineering at the Johnson Space Center and played a major role on NASA’s Mission Management Team that is preparing for this weekend’s launch.

Unidentified sources at NASA told ABC News Camarda has been feuding with Wayne Hale, the manager of NASA’s space shuttle program, and NASA Administrator Mike Griffin about treatment Camarda’s engineers received when they raised concerns about the upcoming Discovery launch. Some engineers believe more substantial changes need to be made.

In a Tuesday email to his colleagues at Johnson, ABC News said Camarda reaffirmed his disappointment with NASA officials.

“I cannot accept the methods I believe are being used by this Center to select future leaders,” he wrote. “I have always based my decisions on facts, data and good solid analysis. I cannot be a party to rumor, innuendo, gossip and-or manipulation to make or break someone’s career and-or good name.”

I know this has been discussed before, but this is infuriating. The shuttle crew, the best and the brightest, are sacrificial lambs on the alter of domestic policy choices made by the Busheviks. As every arm of our government is further politicized and turned into partisan arms of the GOP, people are dying, We, the People, are being harmed, and our country is lessened. And it’s entirely the fault of this administration.

The FCC, the FDA, the SEC, FEMA, and now NASA.

You thought Katrina was a failure of leadership? Just wait until we have 7 dead astronauts because some Bushie decided that we needed a glorious rocket launch, and damn the science or those querrulous technicians! These people are sickening.

That said, it takes integrity to quit your job over something like this. My hat is off to Mr. Carmada.

Jun 28

One more reason to support Ned Lamont

Also, thoughts on the Kos-Armstrong mirage kerfluffle

Lieberman’s endorsements now include Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Racist Ragegasm Sockpuppet Michelle Malkin. And that should tell you all you need to know about Lieberman.

I won’t post the Bloglines-destroying YouTube content here (follow the link), but the video is both dull and senseless. Apparently, when you’re a self-hating bigot ventriloquist doll, stealing the Mentos theme to put over a Lamont political add == teh fun-nee. Note the selective violation of The Rule of Law by this copyright infringement on the part of the righties. I have no problem with this usage, of course, but the righties should.

It’s interesting to watch the full-on character assassination of Markos too. The wingnuts just don’t get it: Markos isn’t important. You can vilify him all you want, you Swiftboat wannabes, but he is neither in control of nor important to the movement. Using Lieberman’s words while showing a picture of Bush is super effective, because those words, uttered by Lieberman, would fit perfectly in duhbya’s mouth. Billmon has already posted more (and better) on this subject than I.

Also, for those ridiculing Armstrong for his astrology beliefs, especially the righties, I’ve got two words for you: Nancy Reagan.

Using Kos’ words while Lamont is moving his mouth is not. Because no one cares about Kos, except you guys who also still can’t seem to grasp that the most serious threat to our country comes not from heads of state but stateless rogues.

Lieberman’s toast. I’d like to take this moment to thank Hannity, Coulter, and Malkin for helping to actually get a moderate progressive Democrat elected to the Senate. Thanks, dudes. And I mean “dudes” literally.

I encourage you to check out Ned Lamont for yourselves and see if you like him. Donate if you feel like it. Give time if you are able. If anti-Joe isn’t enough, maybe pro-Ned will be.

Jun 28

Superman schmuperman

Seriously, does anyone even care about this character any more? His primary color, all-mega-everything is such a throwback to a bygone era that I can’t see anyone liking this guy. Superman is like Instacracker – he’s got a great name for marketing, but other than that, he’s just a dull guy in an empty suit wearing a codpiece.

What’s to like about Superman? He’s boring. He can do everything and anything. He’s got one weakness, and it’s an easy one to avoid. He’s earnest to the point of stupidity. His “disguise” is wearing a pair of glasses. He’s got no nuances, he’s got no interests other than being “good”, and he is almost completely devoid of personality and humor. He’s like a giant, retarded, well-meaning puppy.

Woo. I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm.

This is why Batman is more popular. Why the X-Men are more popular. Why Spider-Man is more popular. They all have nuances, are more human, and their stories are writ larger because they are smaller characters. Most of all, they’re not dull.

So the Superman movie? I’m going to guess that it’s going to disappoint with the domestic grosses. I’m certain that it’s going to be a piece of shit as a movie.

Superman’s time has past. The world has moved on. Let go, DC Comics, let go.

Jun 27

What does sociopathy look like?

Something like this:

Bush jogs with double amputee

I’m with Gilliard on this one, that image is not heartwarming, it is horrifying. Bush jogs with a guy who got his legs blown off following Bush’s orders in his elective, illegal, imperial war of aggression, and Bush yucks it up. It’s a disgusting display on the part of the preznit, and yet perfectly in keeping with Bush’s appalling personality.

Staff Sgt. Bagge is a hero. The piece of shit next to him is an embarassment.

Jun 27

Buhbye, Bloglines

Hellooooo Newsgator. Bloglines is having all sorts of problems and I’m missing out on bunches of people’s feeds (not just my own) because of some scripting error that’s not showing feeds as updated. After getting no help from their tech support, I’m leaving.

Newsgator it is. My feeds are showing up perfectly there. If you’re using a browser based reader, Newsgator is now Grumpy’s officially recommended one. Now I need to get those bitches to pay me for my rec. there is no official rec. Newsgator only stores the current feeds, so if, for example, a high traffic site posts 100 messages/day but only keeps 25 in the active feed and you only check once/day, you’re going to miss out on a boatload of posts. That sucks. The only way around it in Newsgator is to “view older posts” and then you’re in a horrible cumbersome mess. I’m talking about the web version here, of course. Their solution is to get you to use a local client… which defeats the whole purpose of using a web rss reader. Bloglines kicks their ass here.

Guess I’ll go back to looking… I’ll update when I’ve got an official rec, I guess.

Wow, exciting stuff, I know.

Update: they all suck in certain ways. If Bloglines actually worked, it would be the best. It doesn’t though, so it isn’t. Pluck’s too awkward, Newsgator doesn’t store more than the default server # of feeds, rojo’s too ungainly, and all the rest are all deficient in even greater ways. Blech. F U, technology!

Jun 27

Today is Net Neutrality day

Have you called your Senator yet?

Here’s the long and short of it: if you want to return to the walled garden days of Compuserve and AOL, if you want your cable company or existing telecom to dictate to you what you can read, see, and use on the internet, then you should be against net neutrality.

If, however, you think that the freedom of the internet is a good thing, that competition and low barriers to entry are worthwhile goods, that the internet has benefitted us, then you should be in favor of Net Neutrality.

Or, even more telling, look who supports either side:

Against net neutrality (AKA the bad guys): cable companies, telecoms, big ISPs like AOL

For net neutrality (AKA the good guys): Google, Tim Berners-Lee (the father of the internet), ACLU, Microsoft, Working Assets, the SEIU, Craig Newmark (craigslist), … and so on.

Discussion in the Commerce Committee began a bunch of hours ago. I can’t find the results anywhere. This is a critical issue for the growth of America, the growth of our economy, and our democracy. I’m not being hyperbolic here, I’m dead serious.

If S.2917 is not added to the telecomm bill, then all is not lost; we’ll still have to fight on the Senate floor. If we can stop the forces of evil here, it will be huge, and an amazing blow to the big corporate welfare babies who have pumped millions of dollars into the anti-neutrality campaign. We can do this!

S.2917 protects net neutrality via:

The Internet Freedom Preservation Act would ensure that all content, applications and services are treated equally and fairly on the Internet by prohibiting broadband network operators from blocking, degrading, or prioritizing service on their networks.

Seriously, how could any non-cable/telecom/megaISP be against this provision? This is a no brainer!

Jun 27

The line-item veto

I’m sorry, I must have been asleep. Our the reporters at our nation’s major media outlets really this stupid?

President Bush, urging the Senate to pass the line-item veto, on Tuesday criticized House Democrats who didn’t back the measure even though they’ve called for federal spending restraint.

The line-item veto? You mean, the line-item veto that the Supreme Court has already ruled is unconstitutional line-item veto? That one? The one that has been definitely unconstitutional since 1998?

The Busheviks believe that the current setup of the bill will pass constitutional muster. The article would have you believe that this is because any line item veto can be overruled by a simple majority in the House.

Not so much.

In short: a line-item veto is an unconstitutional grant of power to the Executive at the cost of the Legislature (and we, the People), and is a threat to our Liberty. The “new” bill is no different from the old, even down to the Congressional override. While a line-item veto may be considered a good idea, unless and until the Constitution is amended, it is not a legal one.

This is a long post, so I’ll save the analysis for after the jump. Continue reading

Jun 27

Mark me down for August 18

in the pool for when Karzai gets ousted replaced.

Instead, Rice said she has heard from European governments “time and time again we are really lucky to have President Karzai.”

The United States “is going back him and back him fully,” Rice said. “And when he has problems, we are going to sit with him and we are going to find ways to resolve those problems.”

Afghanistan is a leaderless vacuum. The Taliban is resurgent, warlords control everywhere except for Kabul. Karzai’s entire sphere of power is Kabul. For that matter, the entire US sphere of power is Kabul.

In any event, reports have come out that Karzai has lost support among Afghans and other nations. The US, of course, is as unwavering in their support for him as we are in our unwavering support for Chalabi Allawi Maliki in Iraq.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter who we support, since non-Kabul Afghanistan is lost to us and getting deadlier by the day for our troops. Saying we support Karzai is about as meaningful as Victor Ushenko recognizing my claim as supreme ruler of the Grumpistanis.

Bonus humor points for this little bit in the article:

“What does that mean? Who are they? For whom do they speak? And what level do they speak?” Rice asked. “I have not heard this from my counterparts. Steve Hadley doesn’t hear this from his counterparts,” she said, referring to President Bush’s national security adviser. “The president doesn’t hear this from his counterparts.

Heh. Of course he doesn’t hear this from his counterparts, because Charlie McCarthy has been retired for years and Berlusconi’s busy down at the beach picking up some of those fine, fine Italian honeys. He also doesn’t hear anything similar to this from the sycophantic bubble surrounding Our Dear Leader. He’s in an echo chamber of his own mind, and all he hears there is “I dun kot me a gud fish in mah lahyk! Lookee! I made a doody! Mmm… beer!”

I’m paraphrasing of course. Those thoughts come between his work on n-dimensional Planck timespace theorems and finishing his latest symphony.

Jun 27

The Idiots in the Senate

I’m glad in this time of war, with over 2,500 dead in Iraq, a resurgent Taliban, an approaching tipping point in the environment, an economy headed for disaster, and an executive who believes he is above the law, the geniuses in the Senate are taking the time to be one vote away from approving a diminution of your First Amendment rights.

Because that’s what matters, right? Not crushing poverty. Not the Sudan. Not rising inflation. Not New Orleans. Not millions without health care.

No, it’s saving the flag from the flames of desire hatred. It is defending marriage from those marauding fags. And dykes. Can’t forget the dykes, especially when they get all dolled up in high heels and lipstick and their roommate comes over and they fall down together after having a pillowfight and oops! how did my finger get in your vagina? So, don’t forget the dykes. They’re important too. Important to stop, that is. Because we must stop the creation of a world where people who love each other get to enjoy all of the legal benefits from that love and devotion.

Pay no attention to those clicks on your phone or those mystery “SupahSekr3t Agency” charges on your bank statement. We really need to outlaw this:

Flag burning

Interesting that the existing (unconstitutional) law

18 USC 700(a)(1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

wasn’t used to punish this guy:

Bush desecrates flag

Update: Amendment fails to pass Senate … by one vote. There are 66 senators who need to punch themselves in the face right about now. Jackasses.

I think the failure-by-one-vote thing is an obvious ploy by the GOoPers for the next time they need to whip up the base. Like 2008. After all, once you’ve passed the Really Stupid Amendment, how are you going to get the spittle flecking once again?