Sep 11

The Return of the Stomper

Not only did I get home this morning to find this in my shower:

Hobo spider

(without legs extended, it was about a 4″ diameter. Either a hobo or an aggressive house spider (the pic is of a hobo). I think it was the exact same spider that I cleared out of Ms. Grumpy’s house this past week and flushed. Good to know that our sewer systems are as connected the rest of our lives)

… but today’s bus trip into work also featured the return of The Stomper.[fn1]

Dammit. He’s a gregarious, nice guy… but he can’t drive a bus for shit. 6 blissful months with no bruised knees on the way to work, but like mold, the Taliban, and the song Xanadu… he’s baaaack. Absence did not make my heart grow fonder. Actually, I think absence fueled my burgeoning hatred for The Stomper, a fact I did not realize until I saw him again this morning. Grr.

A stomper is a bus driver who accelerates and decelerates rapidly to the extent that the passengers get whiplash and bruised knees. This bus driver is the king of the stompers, hence the honorific The Stomper.

Aug 14

As Wu becomes one and one becomes Wu

I’ve taken to what I like to call “Channelling the Wu” lately (and that phrase is tm, me, bitches, so if you steal it, give credit).

If you’ve ever watched Deadwood, you may have an idea what Channelling the Wu entails, but essentially it involves me saying “COCKSUCKA!” at a really loud volume in a chinglish accent in times of annoyance or stress.[fn1]

Good times. I encourage everyone to Channel the Wu. You’ll thank me when you do.

The Wu of Deadwood knows 3 words in english, “cocksucka!,” “swear-gen” (Al Swearengen), and “San Francisco.” You know, you can say a lot with those 3 words… or at least Wu can.

Aug 03

Wax museums are weird

And by “weird” I mean “disturbing and creepy.” I can understand the development of the wax museums in the days before photography (cheaper than granite!), and I can see the artistry required to make them… but, still creeeepy.

Sure, sure, it’s probably the uncanny valley giving me the creeps, but what I really want to know is… who actually visits wax museums these days?

Jul 25

Jigga wha?

Suit against AT&T for wiretapping dismissed (not the EFF one which survived the motion to dismiss, the ACLU one)

Citing national security, a federal judge Tuesday threw out a lawsuit aimed at blocking AT&T Inc. from giving telephone records to the government for use in the war on terror.

The court is persuaded that requiring AT&T to confirm or deny whether it has disclosed large quantities of telephone records to the federal government could give adversaries of this country valuable insight into the government’s intelligence activities,” U.S. District Judge Matthew F. Kennelly said.

Excuse me? That’s the most moronic reasoning I’ve heard since Jeff Jacoby’s latest straw man fallacy. OK, that was only yesterday, but this reasoning is specious nonetheless.

It would harm national security to confirm or deny that private corporations are sharing their data with the government? Are you kidding me? Ignoring for the moment that of course they are, what possible insight could be gained that is not already publicly known or suspected?

Here’s a tip: the terrorists? Aren’t using public switched networks. Or if they are, they’re on untraceable prepaid cellular and VOIP lines. This AT&T wiretap is about spying on we average persons, and is both futile and ineffective.

Jul 12

Slow news day

I’m sure something will come along at some point worthy of commentary. Until that point, this is what I’ve got for you:

Mr. Bean

Update: I’ve found that I’ve started talking to myself, out loud, and chuckling at work today. Think: Cedric the Entertainer in Intolerable Cruelty. Imagine me sitting here going “oh, we’re gonna NAIL his ass! ahahah!” and you’d be pretty close to the truth. Insanity’s pretty cool. Y’all should try it.

Jul 06

Well that was fun

I can’t decide which was the better experience from my bus ride this morning, the old people talking for 30 minutes about their health problems, especially how you HAVE TO GET YO COLON CHECK! because GETTIN THE COLON CHECK IS VERY IMPORTANT! … or the drunk cracker who started berating this guy on crutches … because the guy was on crutches.

Man, I love the bus.

Jun 29


Bloglines seems to be working now, as grumpasaurus feeds just jumped massively. They appear to have simply excised all posts with the YouTube videos. From my site, anyway. Sites like corporate-casual are showing up just fine, they just don’t have the video in the feed. Me? They cut the whole post. Go figure.

Don’t know why Bloglines is having all this trouble since the other aggregators seem to be just fine with the object and embed tags.

Guess we’re getting what we pay for, eh?

Jun 27

Buhbye, Bloglines

Hellooooo Newsgator. Bloglines is having all sorts of problems and I’m missing out on bunches of people’s feeds (not just my own) because of some scripting error that’s not showing feeds as updated. After getting no help from their tech support, I’m leaving.

Newsgator it is. My feeds are showing up perfectly there. If you’re using a browser based reader, Newsgator is now Grumpy’s officially recommended one. Now I need to get those bitches to pay me for my rec. there is no official rec. Newsgator only stores the current feeds, so if, for example, a high traffic site posts 100 messages/day but only keeps 25 in the active feed and you only check once/day, you’re going to miss out on a boatload of posts. That sucks. The only way around it in Newsgator is to “view older posts” and then you’re in a horrible cumbersome mess. I’m talking about the web version here, of course. Their solution is to get you to use a local client… which defeats the whole purpose of using a web rss reader. Bloglines kicks their ass here.

Guess I’ll go back to looking… I’ll update when I’ve got an official rec, I guess.

Wow, exciting stuff, I know.

Update: they all suck in certain ways. If Bloglines actually worked, it would be the best. It doesn’t though, so it isn’t. Pluck’s too awkward, Newsgator doesn’t store more than the default server # of feeds, rojo’s too ungainly, and all the rest are all deficient in even greater ways. Blech. F U, technology!

Jun 25

Anyone using bloglines?

For some reason, I can’t get any of my feeds on any of my sites to show up as new in their interface. So whenever I post (or anyone posts, or anyone comments), I have no idea unless I go to the site. Not a big deal, since they’re my sites but it will hamper other people’s usage. Occasionally ThatOtherSiteThatShallNotBeNamed updates, but Grumpasaurus… never.

So, is anyone using bloglines, and if so are you getting notifications of new posts?

Jun 23

Things I “discovered” last night

Acid reflux that bypasses the throat and mouth and goes straight to the sinuses and nose? Totally freakin hurts.

The hard part was trying to figure out how to get the baking soda up my nose to counteract the acid. Just when you need a funnel at 4 am, they all up and disappear. Bitches.