Sep 11

That’s not what my hedge fund manager told me

A Decade With No Income Gains

The typical American household made less money last year than the typical household made a full decade ago.

To me, that’s the big news from the Census Bureau’s annual report on income, poverty and health insurance, which was released this morning. Median household fell to $50,303 last year, from $52,163 in 2007. In 1998, median income was $51,295. All these numbers are adjusted for inflation.


Mar 22

The Worst Thing You’re Going to See or Hear All Week

I’m scarred for life. Ergo, I must share it with you so we can live our scarred codependent lives together properly.

As parody, it’s half-assed. As candidate promotion it is among the strongest reasons possible as to why you should not, under any circumstances, vote for McCain.

I don’t know who created this, but my money’s on Al Qaeda.

Dec 18

Because I hate you, that’s why

The worst thing since Pammy’s Dontcha Wish vlog… 12 Ears a’bleeding

Here’s Pantless Jugs, for reference:

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Bush Was Right

(p.s. Billy Joel’s lawyers wants a word with you, boys)

and, of course, Mann Maltmouse drunk vlogging

OK, Annie wins in a runaway due to the overwhelming accrual of pathetic narcissism points. Congrats Ann, may your law school realize what an embarrassment you are to academia, the profession, and humanity at large.

Sorry, I’ve done so much good this year, I needed to balance that out lest I find a solid platinum Bentley under my tree.