Help Me Help You ($$$)


Books, Movies, Music, Everything

  • eBay – anything you’ve ever wanted… even PeeWee Herman dolls.
  • iTunes – $0.99 songs, $9.99 albums, audiobooks, videos, and more.
  • Barnes & Noblebooks, music, videos, and other goodies.
  • Netflix – great library, great rates, no late fees.
  • – books, movies, music, and more
  • Valore Books – specializing in textbooks (buying and selling)


  • E-Loan – great rates on Mortgage, Home Equity, and Car Loans. Also, a fantastic APY of 5.5% on savings accounts ($5000, minimum), which is the highest in the industry (as of Dec 2006). I only get some lurve if you get a loan from them, but if surety and liquidity are important to you financially, you really can’t beat stowing some money in an E-Loan savings account.
  • PayPal Merchant Services – useful for most everything if you are conducting any type of business on the internet. Necessary for eBay users. I only get lurve for their Merchant Services stuff, but their checking account is currently giving 5.03% APY.

Misc. High-End Consumer Goods

Electronics and Computer Hardware


Music Gear


  • SunRocket – great reviews, great price (under $20/month)
  • Packet8 – VOIP, with unlimited calling and long distance for $19.99/month

Office Supplies and the Like

Web Hosting

Domain Parking

  • Sedo – most traffic, best auctions
  • iMonetize – automated parking optimization of your domains, even for holders of only a small number of domains.
  • Dotzup – .com’s only, 60% of revenue share, stringent IP and non-adult guidelines.