Well that flew by quickly

I just realized this site has been active for more than 7 years now. Given life, work, and social changes in the intervening time the site has largely died on the vine. Sad for me and the approximately 0.0003 readers of the site.

However, things are what they are and I don’t really see an imminent return to long-form blogging. By anyone. Myself included. I spend my days thinking Deep Thoughts and making Important Decisions and being Restricted from Any Fun Interwebbing by Work Firewalls and that sort of thing. Then home = family time and to hell with actually writing any thoughts of substance. That’s my excuse. Sorta. Also, I’m a lazy bastard, writing is hard, and basically the Bush years blew my outrage meter and I don’t feel the compulsive need to source and quote everything any longer (read: the stench of law school has been washed away finally. Also, I’m a lazy bastard). But then I look at what I used to write and I haz a sad for the diminution of my skills, effort, and readability. Fuck twitter, man!

SO, while I imagine the intermittent twitter twattering will continue and appear here and I’ll try to do a better job of actually including long-form thoughts… no promises. Also, too: happy late birthday grumpasaurus.com.