Before I forget

Nancy Pelosi is a remarkable politician and one of the top Speakers this country has ever had. Her determination, singular focus, and management skills are remarkable. Without her, we would not have health care reform (of any kind).

Now, I wouldn’t want to have a beer with her because the skills that make her a great Speaker make her a pretty miserable social “normal” human (see also: Madonna and M.D.s) but I wanted to note for the record how much I appreciate her and admire the job she has done.

Note: this is in response to James Brooks’ saying on PBS “She is not a great speaker — I mean a spokesperson, a communicator. I personally don’t think she’s great on policy. But she has the skills to know how to control this body, which is a fractious body, even when you have a majority. And, so, those skills are maybe in her blood from her father and her brother, but also skills that she really possesses. And there’s no denying she is a very effective legislator.”

What an asshole. Brooks, that is.