There’s a reason these people are afraid of Health Care Reform

… because they’re first on my Death Panel list.

This video is a great example of how the TeaBaggers are the expression of the American nativist/right id. They’re incoherent, ignorant jackasses who know nothing, but are very angry about it, whatever “it” is. In this case I really think “it” stems from having a black president[1, 2] and, probably, a poorly expressed inner rage at increasing feelings of powerlessness and meaninglessness in a corporatized, multicultural 21st century. It doesn’t excuse their stupidity or expression of the lizard brain, but it is … understandable.

See also, this video where HCR opponents scream at a Parkinson’s sufferer. I don’t think I’ve seen a video more fuel my misanthropy in quite some time.

Things were much easier for the TeaBaggers when we could lash out at those furrin brown people with the funny ibn- and al- and mohammedan-esque names.

[1] Teabaggers chant “nigger” at Rep. Lewis
[2] Man carries assault rifle to Obama town hall meeting