Lack of posting

Sorry, there’s been a job search going on and big networking changes at work made the blogging more difficult (well, sorta. I was also burnt out).

But … I’ve got a new job… which will keep me super busy and I’ll be a Very Important Person and all that now, but also requires moving to a whole new area where I figure I’m going to have nothing to do in the evenings except comment about the world. And how hot it is there.

Apologies for the absences, but I figure I just want to beat billmon to the punch on the whole Lazarus thing.

See you soon.

Also: I know I’ve asked this before, but seriously – Dems in the House and Senate… what the fuck is it going to take for you to bring articles of impeachment to the floor? You’ve got admitted felonious behavior for fuck’s sake. You hidebound pussies! Get on it, already!