I’ll take that bet

If Michael “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order” Pence is not the next House minority leader, then there is no God.

After hosting Pence on her conservative talk show Tuesday, Laura Ingraham remarked: “If there is a God in heaven, he will be the next House minority leader.”

Following Ingraham’s logic,1 if Pence is not the next House minority leader then there is no God in heaven. When it doesn’t happen, who are you going to worship then?

Care to double down, Laura?

1. Yes, yes. If A then B does not necessarily imply that not A equals not B. Given Ingraham’s construction it seems pretty clear to me that she is establishing that A (God) implies B (Pence as minority leader). In order for this to be true, the contrapositive (not B then not A) has to apply as well, so not B (Pence not minority leader) has to be not A (no God) for the construction to hold.