Dems take the Senate! … sorta

First, the awesome news: Webb is the victor in Virginia, giving Dems a 49-49-2 tie. Since Jeffords caucuses with the Dems by and large, it’s really now a 50-49-1 majority.

The 1? Why none other than Joe fucking Lieberman.

This self-obsessed, narcissistic, whiny, sanctimonious crybaby who focuses exclusively on his own power, recognition of same, respect of same, and getting pats on the head from the media … is now the most powerful person in the Senate, and maybe even the government.

Thanks again Clintons, Obama, Edwards, Schumer, and Reid. Your lack of support for the Democratic candidate has resulted in your friend Joe sitting in the catbird seat.

Lieberman now occupies the same position the radical fringe groups in parliaments have when they have the votes required to get some measure over the hump. Lieberman is now, essentially, the Emperor of China and his Forbidden City is about to receive a bundle of tributes and an unending stream of people of kowtowing to Holy Joe. If he caucuses with the Dems, as promised, they have a clear 51-49 majority. If he does not and once again breaks his promise to the people of this country, then the Senate is 50-50 with Cheney the tiebreaking vote.

See what you’ve done, Clintons, Obama, Edwards, Schumer, and Reid? You’ve made your Frankenstein. Now we all have to deal with it.

A better image might be the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz as he is pampered and manicured and beribboned. That is the position Rape Gurney Joe now occupies for at least the next two years. Better get used to it.

Cowardly Lion Joe

My, Joe! Have you lost weight? Your tresses sure are lovely and shiny today. Care for a biscuit?

Update: Upon further reflection, I can see how Lieberman’s election isn’t entirely bad – the GOP funneled millions of dollars to support Lieberman. Millions that would have otherwise gone to people who desperately needed it, people like George Allen and Conrad Burns. Without Lieberman, it’s entirely possible, nay, likely, that the Dems would not have picked up 6 seats in the Senate.

So never let it be said I’m entirely blind to the benefits of having a narcissistic exposed nerve as a senator who might or might not caucus with the Dems. Thanks, Joe. Now go fuck yourself.