Scoop: OJ is a sociopathic narcissist

Dog bites man. News at eleven

The former football great, who was acquitted in criminal court 11 years ago of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, reportedly has been paid a whopping $3.5 million to write about the double murder that shocked and riveted the nation in 1994, according to a detailed report in the new National Enquirer.

But Simpson is not actually confessing to the murder — rather, he’s writing a “hypothetical” book — which the Enquirer reports is tentatively being called “If I Did It.”

Every time I think I can’t be shocked by the moral depravity and narcissistim of the human creature, something like this comes along to remind me how little I know. I’m holding the publisher accountable as well for their $3.5M advance to the acquitted-due-to-government-incompetence unrepentant murderer.