Don’t say I didn’t warn you

This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life. “Pop star” and professional bimbo record a Xmas album duet of Di$$ney’s “A Whole New World”

A recording of the Australian singer and his ultra-tanned bimbo wife singing the song “A Whole New World” has been doing the industry email rounds in recent days.

Apparently set to end up on a Christmas covers album in the UK, the tabloid couple ramble tragically through the song they danced to at their wedding last year.

Or just go to the mp3 and skip the flash-based player.

Make. The. Bad. People. Stop. I only wish this were a parody. Maybe it is. Please tell me it is. No one is this clueless as to their musical prowess, right?

I’m sharing this with the same spirit of someone who takes a 3 year old milk container out of the fridge, sniffs, blanches, and says “goddamn! this is horrible! here. smell this!”