Type-O Dong

I love how America’s response to a dog-n-pony show regarding a possible test launch for a nonfunctioning nuclear missile that can’t hit America was to … have a dog-n-pony show with a fake test/startup of our nonfunctioning antiballistic missile system that can’t hit missiles (we get bonus points for Best! Bluff! Evaaar! with the headline: ‘U.S. weighs shootdown of N. Korea missile‘. Hahahah! We can’t hit stationary shit much less a moving target!).

Now the Bushies are speaking Kim’s language! Who needs tripartite talks when you’ve got two propaganda-addicted buffoons who can shout at each other?

Dr. Strangelove would be proud

Look, State-sponsored anything isn’t the worry. Kim may be “crazy” but he’s not suicidal. Any State knows that if they attack us with WMDs, and we can trace it back to the State, then that State will be no more… because we will turn them into a glass-paved parking lot.

As such, the NMD is a huge fucking waste of money. How about we divert money from this boondoggle into, you know, guarding our ports. Or feeding the poor and hungry. Or educating our kids. Stuff like that. Whaddya say?